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Test of the Jade Dragon

That year in Rokugan, a foul pestilence began spreading throughout the world. Scorpion magistrates with the aid of the Kitsuki investigators and the Kuni have tracked its origins in the leatherworking district in Ryoko Owari Toshi, but alas, found it too late to contain the spread. Now it has spread quickly and all of Rokugan […]

Welcome to the LLO Tournament Hub

This is a breakdown of purpose and intent behind this website + event series So if you’ve found this site you probably know what Legend of the Five Rings is, and the Pandemic is still ongoing, and your bored. Luckily we are here to help. Those of us in London are just as bored as […]

Tournament Structure

Come in and hear how we run this event. Check back before any tournament as this is subject to change based on feedback. Our tournament structure is laid out to create efficient rounds and give as real a tournament vibe as we can get from playing online at home, in your pajamas (no judgement here). […]

Prize Support and Structure

A Prize preview and a laying out of distribution and guidelines The part you’ve been waiting for, what are the prizes, who gets them. The exciting shiny stuff. The Prizes There will be three main types of prizes for this event series: Playmat – a special edition playmat for the top player. Province backers – […]

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